Michelle Ramirez

Company Agent at Modern House Real Estate

  • Agent License: 092-212-0987
  • Tax Number: WIU-029340-3049
  • Service Areas: Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami Beach, New York
  • Specialties: Property management, Real estate development, Real estate appraising, Retail leasing, Apartment brokerage

Property Types

  • 38% Shop
  • 25% Single Family Home
  • 25% Villa
  • 13% Other

Property Status

  • 75% For Sale
  • 25% For Rent

Property Cities

  • 50% North Hyderabad
  • 20% West Hyderabad
  • 20% Hyderabad
  • 10% Other

About Michelle Ramirez

If your dream involves coastal living, Michelleis your expert guide. With a deep understanding of waterfront properties and a passion for seaside living, Michelle has helped many clients find their ideal homes by the sea. His dedication ensures a smooth and enjoyable process for those seeking a coastal lifestyle.

Language: English, Spanish, French

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    “A Seamless Experience!”

    I recently used Velarima Properties Property Portal to find my dream home, and the experience was nothing short of amazing. The user-friendly interface made navigation a breeze, and the detailed property listings provided all the information I needed. The search filters were robust, helping me narrow down my options quickly. The best part was the real-time updates on new listings, ensuring I never missed out on a potential gem. Kudos to Velarima Properties for creating a seamless and efficient property portal!

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    Innovative Features, Unmatched Convenience

    Velarima Properties Property Portal stands out for its innovative features that add tremendous value to the property search experience. The virtual property tours allowed me to explore homes from the comfort of my couch, saving time and effort. The interactive maps and neighborhood insights were incredibly helpful in making informed decisions. The portal’s mobile app was a game-changer, providing on-the-go access to listings and updates. Velarima Properties has truly embraced technology to offer unmatched convenience to property seekers.

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